Regulation and annexes

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for the National Selection


1.1. The Romanian Television Company (SRTV), in its capacity of Organizer, which is a rights granted to it by the European Broadcasting Union (E.B.U.), yearly organizes the National Selection for Eurovision, in the form of a contest.

1.2. In 2018, the European final of Eurovision song contest will take place in Lisbon, Portugal, on 08th, 10th and 12th of May, 2018.

1.3 The National Selection for Eurovision 2018 includes several phases, namely an entry period, a preselection, one or more semi-finals and a final where the winning song will be announced and designated to represent Romania at Lisbon.


2.1. During the entry period 15th of November 2017 – 15th of December 2017 (the date of the receipt of materials, which may be proven with official documents: stamp, confirmation e-mail, registration receipt), the authors of original songs (music and lyrics) which could represent Romania at Eurovision 2018 are invited to register, submitting the following items:

a) two CDs containing the song/audio recording, in WAV format, also by or to, containing the final version of the song and an instrumental version, without the singer’s voice, but with backing vocals. Complete information about the participating song:

o Title

o Name(s) of the composer(s)
o Name(s) of the author(s) of the lyrics

o Name of the producer (publisher), if any
The Organizer and the jury members shall maintain the confidentiality of:
a.1. Name(s) of the composer(s);
a.2. Name(s) of the author(s) of the lyrics;
a.3. Name of the producer (publisher), if any.

b) an affidavit in the form specified in Annex 1 to this Regulation, whereby the author retains responsibility for stating that the song enlisted for the contest was not, either in whole or in part, made available to the public under the conditions set forth in Article 2.7 of this Regulation, by means of any audio or video media, radio or television channel, whether public or private, national or local, or internet or any public performance (including concerts) in Romania or abroad, whether or not it was officially recorded on any magnetic or digital medium or in any other form of public communication, and that the song was not commercially launched and/or publicly performed (either in whole or in part) before the 1st of September 2017, that it is an original creation which shall not affect the rights held by any third parties;

c) the written agreement between the author and the performer(s) regarding the participation in the National Selection for Eurovision 2018, the model of which is in the form presented as Annex 2 to this Regulation;
d) the written authorization signed by the holders of copyrights and related rights – author/artist/producer of the work/ owner of (ii) the (audio) recording, as per the model presented as Annex 3 to this Regulation, regarding the assignment of the material copyrights and related rights over the work, (master) performance and registration, as well as the obligations regarding the promotion of the contest.

e) the text of the song in the language in which it is performed and an ad literam translation of the song into Romanian, if the text is in a foreign language;

f) a copy of the identity document of the author/authors, artists and of the producer’s representative (if applicable);

g) the telephone number and e-mail address;
h) the proof of payment of the register fee (a copy of the payment order). The register fee is 200 lei for each submitted song and will be transferred into account RO69RNCB0072000506070001 opened with BCR District 1. This will be used for the organization of the National Selection.

2.2. The submission of the items detailed above may be performed as follows:
a) hand delivery to the Registry of SRTv located at 191 Calea Dorobantilor Street – the entrance from Ermil Pangrati Street no. 8-10, from Monday to Friday, within the time interval 09:00 – 20:00;
b) by mail dispatch, to the SRTv adress – 191 Calea Dorobantilor Street, 1st city district, Bucharest, so that the envelope should arrive until 15.12.2017 at the latest;
c) by e-mail to the address:

2.3. The songs, as well as their performances, shall not exceed 3 minutes, otherwise they will be disqualified. No more than 6 performers will be admitted on stage. The performer should be at least 16 years of age on the date of the international final, at the latest.

2.4. The text of the song must not have an obscene or political character or contain any advertising messages. The songs admitted for the second phase of the contest (the live national selection) shall be performed in the instrumental version, which cannot contain any backing vocals or computerized voice effects; the entire vocal part must be live.

2.5. In this phase only the songs delivered on a CD, in audio format (CDA) or by e-mail to, in WAV format will be admitted. If the e-mail method of delivery is chosen, the procedure will only be deemed to be completed after the sender has received a confirmation from the same e-mail address.

2.6. All the materials from the registration procedure, including the registration fee, will be retained and cannot be returned, whether they are admitted or not for participation in the subsequent phases of the contest.

2.7. All the contestants in the contest shall assume the mandatory and eliminatory obligation to participate with a song (music and/or text) which is original and does not affect any rights held by any third parties, which was not edited on any audio or video medium or broadcasted on any radio or television channel or on the internet or made available to the public in any way, either in whole or in part, until the 1st of September 2017. If, in any phase of the contest, a third party submits evidence that a song breaches the mandatory and eliminatory obligation mentioned above, the respective song will be disqualified by the organizers. A committee appointed by SRTv in its capacity of Organizer will analyze such evidence (including allegations of plagiarism). The final decision will solely lie with SRTv. The liability for any allegation of plagiarism will solely rest with the Author of the song concerned.

2.8. On 16.12.2017, at SRTv premises, envelopes will be opened and the documents submitted will be reviewed by a reception committee, in the presence of a notary public who will certify the existence/non-existence of all the documents requested by the Organizer, in accordance with the Regulation of the Contest. The results of such review will be minuted in a report signed by the members of the reception committee and the notary public.

2.9. If the reception committee finds that the submitted documentation, except the audio recording, is incomplete, the concerned contestant will be granted a maximum of 48 hours to submit/complete the relevant documents. Such request may be made by telephone (SMS) and/or e-mail.
2.10. Failure to submit/send the documents within the deadline specified above, according to the request of the reception committee, will result in the disqualification of the contestant.


3.1. The preselection phase will be carried out on 19th, 20th and 21st of December 2017, at SRTv premises. Each registered contestant will perfom the submitted song in front of the public and the jury in a show recorded and broadcasted according to the Organizer discretion (online, on air, etc).

3.2. The contestants who will not appear at the show(s), as the Organizer requested, will be disqualified.

3.3. The preselection of the songs enlisted for the contest will be done by a Specialized Jury. The jury members shall meet the following requirements:
a) they should have no interest whatsoever in connection with the song, the authors or the performer, which could affect their impartiality while casting their votes;
b) they should fill in and send a standard form confirming that they will comply with the voting instructions set out in this Regulation, as well as a signed statement whereby they undertake to vote in an independent manner.

3.4. The Organizer (SRTv) will appoint the jury members for both the preselection phase and the National Selection phase (the semifinal and the final of the contest) based on a decision issued by SRTv legal representative.

3.5. In the pre-selection phase, for the semifinal stage, the jury will select 60 songs.

3.6. During the pre-selection phase, the authors and interpreters of the selected songs undertake to conclude a contract with SRTv detailing the editorial, artistic, organizational, public communication and conduct obligations in connection with the participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.

3.7. In the situation in which, from the total songs registred in the pre-selection phase the jury members select less than 60 songs, SRTv will organise pre-selections in the Teritorial Studios (Cluj, Iasi, Timisoara, Tragul Mures, Craiova), pre-selections that will be announced after publishing the results of the pre-selection in Bucharest.

3.8. In the situation presented at Art. 3.7:
a) the entry period stipulated in the Art. 2.1., that is the pre-selection period would be prolonged, the future dates would be announced by SRTv and the Teritorial Studios;
b) the provisions of the Art. 2.1. – 2.10, 3.1. thesis alla and 3.2. and 3.6 will apply adequate to the Teritorial Studios who will organise the pre-selections;
c) the pre-selection of the songs would be made by a Specialised Jury as it is stipulated in the Art. 3.3.


4.1. Each member of the jury will receive an evaluation sheet containing the titles of all songs and the names of the interpreters, the Organizer maintaining the confidentiality of the authors. The jury members will only find the identity of the authors (composer and lyricist) of the songs enlisted for the contest after the completion of the judging process.

4.2. The songs will be appreciated on the basis of the rating from 1 to 10, the jury members being allowed to give the same rating to several songs, against the following criteria:
a) the musical form of the song, assessing the development of the melodic theme, its harmonization, as well as the rhythmic and melodic elements which confer an appropriate musical structure to the song;
b) the way in which the orchestration of the songs is done from the point of view of their writing;
c) the inventive and original character of the musical themes;
d) the stylistic diversity of the competing songs;
e) the quality of the sound and vocal performance.

4.3. A number of 60 songs which obtain the best ratings in descending order from the jury will be admitted for the national selection. Only a single song sung by an artist can be selected. The performer cannot be replaced during the contest. One composer can have several songs enlisted for the contest, if they are sung by different performers.

4.4. In case of a tie-vote, the song with the most numerous ratings of 10 will win. If a tie-vote is found again, the most numerous ratings of 8 will be taken into consideration, and so on and so forth until a differentiation can be made. If, however, equality between the graded songs is maintained, the Organizer will decide which song will be selected.

4.5. The jury members must sign both their own evaluation sheets and the minutes drafted after the exact establishment, in the preselection phase, of those 60 songs which will participate in the semi-finals.

4.6. The winning songs of the preselection phase, which are to compete in the semifinal phase, will be announced on SRTv websites, while the results will also be sent to the central press units, for publication, until the 23th of December 2017, at the latest. The authors of the songs will be assigned by the Organizer to participate in the semi-final stage.

4.7. If, for objective reasons, a composer withdraws his/her song from the contest, this can only be made by an official application signed and filed with SRTv Registry or signed, scanned and sent by e-mail to: within 24 hours since the time when the finalists were announced. Unless the application for withdrawing the song is communicated to SRTv within the above mentioned term of 24 hours, the provisions of Article 6 of Annex 2 will apply.

4.8. Any appeal will be submitted to SRTv Registry within 24 hours from the publishing of the results of the preselection on the website Appeals will be solved by an Appeal Committee appointed by decision of SRTv legal representative, which will include 3 members of which one will be the Jury Chairman. They will prepare and communicate a written answer by e-mail or by post to the address indicated by the appellant. The term for solving an appeal is 3 working days from the expiry date of the submission deadline for appeals.


5.1. The national selection can be carried out in Bucharest and/or in the country, according to the Organizer decision, and it shall include two phases:


5.2. The semifinal will consist of the organization of some (semi-final) shows held in Bucharest and / or in the country. These shows will be broadcasted live on the SRTv channels during the period January – February 2018.

5.3 A number of 60 songs will participate in the semifinal phase of the National Selection.

5.4. The specialized jury will grant ratings from 1 to 12, as follows: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12. Each rating will only be granted once to each song. The judging process will end with a ranking.

5.5. In case of a tie-vote, the winning song will be the one which has obtained the most 12 ratings from the jury. If, however, equality between the graded songs is maintained, the most numerous 10 ratings, shall be taken into consideration, respectively the most 8 ratings and so on and so forth.

5.6. Each jury member, including the Chairman, will sign the evaluation sheet and the jury minutes and will deliver them to the secretariat of the jury at the end of the selection show.


5.7. The final will consist of the organization of a show which will be broadcasted live on the 25th of February 2018.

5.8. In the final phase of the National Selection will participate 15 songs.

5.9. Each song will be allocated a number which will be displayed during the performance of the song, in an equal manner for all the contestants.

5.10. At the „START VOTING!” signal, viewers may vote from the same telephone number for one or for several songs, but only once for each song, using the following options:
a) by SMS, sending a text message with the contest number of their preffered song;
b) by phone, typing the contest number of their favorite song.

5.11. The „STOP VOTING!” signal will be made by the presenters as follows:
a) After the 15 finalist songs are presented on stage, the presenters will announce the last 60 minutes of voting, during which time an artistic moment will take place;
b) the announcement of closing the voting process shall be given after the recital described above.

5.12. The Organizer reserves the right to cancel the votes generated as a result of fraudulent exploitation of mobile networks.

5.13. The announcement and display of the results will be done both within the show of the National Selection Final and online, at TELEVOT RESULTS tab, on

5.14. The winning song of the National Selection – Eurovision 2018 will be the one that obtains the most votes in the Televoting process described in Art. 5.10.

5.15. To ensure the fairness of the judging process in the National Selection, SRTv will resort to the services of a notary public.


6.1. During the participation in the Eurovision contest (the national phase and the international phase):
a) The artist’s team shall be supported by SRTV team so as to put the show concept of his/her song on stage, in the best possible conditions. The artistic performance must be in accordance with the indications of the stage director from SRTv.
b) neither the performer, nor the composer may conclude any agreement with third parties regarding the rights assigned to SRTv.

6.2. During the performance of the international phase of the contest (the international semi-final and final), the artist’s management shall comply with the priorities and conditions imposed by SRTv regarding the promotion and preparation of the artist’s participation and performance in the international phase, as the Representative of Romania.

6.3. The Organizer shall bear the travel and accommodation expenses for the artist who will participate in the international phase as the representative of Romania, within the limit of maximum 8 people.


7.1. Any appeal will be submitted to SRTv registry SRTv within 48 hours from the communication of the final stage results. Appeals will be solved by the Appeal Committee composed of 3 members of which one represents the company providing the televoting company. The term for solving the appeals is 72 hours from the expiry of this submission term.

7.2. By entering the international contest, after the completion of the National Selection, the authors and the performers of the winning song undertake to conclude an agreement with SRTv whereby they shall detail the editorial, artistic, organizational obligations, as well as those related to public communication and conduct in connection with the participation in the international Eurovision Song Contest 2018 which is to be carried out in Lisbon, Portugal, on 08th, 10th and 12th of May, 2018. Failure by the authors/artists or holders of rights over the participating song to sign an agreement for their participation in the national or international final will constitute a reason of disqualification of the song from the contest.

7.3. To assure the participation of the TITULARS at the activities mentioned in the agreement as written at item 7.2 in the semifinals organized by Local Studios, according to the stipulations in the REGULATION for the National Selection 2018, SRTv will provide for the TITULARS, from local income of the Local Studios:
a) transportation, or, where necessary, referred to a concrete situation, SRTv will reimburst the costs for transportation from and to the place where the event Eurovision Semifinals 2018 he/she is assigned;
b) accomodation in 2 stars guesthouses/hotels;

7.4. All the artists and other holders of rights undertake to authorize the use, reproduction, printing and publication of their names, images, voices, photographs and biographies in the context of promoting, broadcasting and/or of the commercial exploitation of the shows by all means and on any media channel, either from among the currently known channels, or from any subsequent ones, for an unlimited period of time. This also involves the use of the photographs and any other audio and video materials from press conferences, or recorded at rehearsals or backstage, for DVD compilations, for the websites of SRTv, Eurovision or their official partners, as well as of any other SRTv or Eurovision media product.

7.5. The artists have the obligation to take part in the press conferences organized by SRTv and EBU. The winning artist (artists) (i) have the obligation to participate in the official press conference after the preselection, national and international final, in promotion shows realized by SRTv with priority, to mutually agree with the Organizer on their participation in any show broadcasted on any other media channel, and to authorize the use of any recording on any media channel (including the Internet) without any time or territory limitations.

7.6. Participation in the international phase of the contest requires the compliance with the provisions of the International Regulation EUROVISION SONG CONTEST 2018.

7.7. This Regulation, together with its 3 Annexes, the International Regulation EUROVISION SONG CONTEST 2018, as well as any other information about the contest will be posted on the website, with a link to the official website of EUROVISION SONG CONTEST 2018 (

7.8. The Organizer reserves the right to make changes to this Regulation, in which case all the participants will be informed in due time.

I, the undersigned, ANA-MARIA BADEA, sworn translator, authorized by Ministry of Justice under no. 7194/2003, certify this translation into English to be accurate and true to the text in Romanian, seen by me.


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