Romanian National Selection For ESC2020: New Project, New Vision

The Romanian Public Television (TVR) initiates the ESC 2020 project with a brand new approach, similar to the one successfully used, for many years, by other European countries in selecting their national representatives for the Eurovision Song Contest.

The new mechanism was decided after a thorough analyze of the domestic music market’s specificities, of the selection methods announced for this year by public televisions from countries such as Spain, Greece, Russia, Cyprus, Bulgaria, UK or France and, last but not least, after evaluating Romania’s results in 2018 and 2019.

The new approach consists in first selecting the “voice” by  appointing a specialized commission who will analyze and identify the most representative artist based on the following criteria: vocal abilities, artistic performance, musical empathy, expressiveness.

After selecting the artist, during a songwriting camp, some of the best Romanian composers and artists will write songs based on his/her specific voice type, vocal range and personality.

Out of the songs written during the camp, the best 5 will be selected by designated specialists from various related professional areas (composers, lyricists, musicologists, tv/radio music-show producers, music directors) to compete in the National Final taking place on March 1st .

The designated specialists will take into consideration criteria such as the sound, the originality, the diversity of style and the message of the songs.

On March 1st, the National Final will bring forward the public as main decisionmaker in selecting the song and the show that will best represent Romania in Rotterdam.

The National Final will consist of a complex show where the National Jury and the public, with an equal 50% share in the final voting, will pick their favorite among the artistic moments designated to represent Romania in ESC2020. In case of a tie vote, the public vote is decisive.

Romania’s ESC 2020 team includes Liana Stanciu as Head of Delegation, Elena Stirbescu as Project Manager, Smaranda Vornicu-Shalit as Head of Press  and Dan Manoliu as Artistic Director.

By opting for this new selection mechanism, Romania joins other countries that have successfully used similar processes in deciding their representative for the Eurovision Song Contest. Statistics show that, in  the last 15 years, every other ESC edition had at least one performance selected in this manner in the top 3.

ESC2020 will take place in Rotterdam with “Open UP” as its slogan. The Semifinals are scheduled for May 12 and May 14 and the Final on May 16. The 65th ESC edition will have 41 participating countries, including Romania.

Duncan, representing The Netherlands, with “Arcade” won the previous edition in Tel Aviv.

According to the January 28 draw, Romania will enter the contest in the 2nd half of the first Semifinal on May 12.

The other countries in the first Semifinal, along Romania, are (in alphabetical order): Australia, Belarus, Ireland, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Russia, Slovenia, Sweden (1st half), respectively Azerbaijan, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Israel, Malte, Norway, Ukraine (2nd half).

In the 2nd Semifinal (May 14) the following countries will perform: Austria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Island, Moldova, Poland, San Marino, Serbia (1st half) and Albania, Armenia, Bulgaria, Denmark, Switzerland, Finland, Georgia, Latvia, Portugal (2nd half).

In the Rotterdam Final on May 16, a total of 26 countries will compete – 10 qualifiers from each Semifnal plus the Big Five and the Host.  The Big Five and the Host will ascend directly to the Final and they can vote in the Semifinal as follows: Germany, Italy and The Netherlands in the 1st Semifinal and France, Spain and Great Britain in the 2nd Semifinal.

Both the ESC2020 Semifinals and the Final will be broadcast live on TVR1.

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