TVR introduces its Jury for Eurovision Romania 2022

Alexandra Ungureanu, Ozana Barabancea, Randi, Cristian Faur and Adrian Romcescu are the Jury members of the National Selection 2022.

• Premiere: video judging format for the first stage of the semi-final, a similar format with the one from the international stage of the contest.

• On December 23rd, the jury will announce the Eurovision Romania semi-finalists

Alexandra Ungureanu, Ozana Barabancea, Randi, Cristian Faur and Adrian Romcescu will be the artists judging this edition of the National Selection. All these five performers and songwriters share in common a rich activity in the music industry and also the joint experience of participating or collaborating for the Eurovision Romania. They will form the jury of professionals at all the stages of the National Selection, starting from the Pre-selection phase and ending with the Grand Final.

These days, the song-writers and the artists continue to submit their projects at the e-mail address: The session will be open till Sunday, December 19th, so that on December 23rd the jury will be able to announce the songs qualified in the semifinal of the Selection.

The songs passing the Pre-selection phase will get in the first stage of the Semifinal. From here, both the jury and the viewers will qualify 20 songs for the next stage of the contest. In premiere, the jury members will examine the qualified songs in video format, the same as in the international phase of the contest and will evaluate, on individual basis, the quality of the songs and also the performance of the artists.

„In January, we shall organize, in one of TVR’s studios, a session of recordings for the finalists. Each jury member will individually analyze these materials, which will be available on TVR’s channels and also online. We are also reminding you that by voting on the official Facebook page, the public will save 5 songs for the next stage of the competition”, has revealed Iuliana Marciuc, project manager for Eurovision Romania.