The jury has decided: Roxen will perform „Amnesia” at the Eurovision 2021 | VIDEO

The song has been released at the same time with the video. On march 3, Roxen revealed for the first time the story behind „Amnesia”.

The waiting has finally come to an end: „Amnesia” is the song that Roxen, our representative within the contest, will perform at the Eurovision Song Contest. Once the National Phase of the Eurovision Romania ended, the jury has decided Romania's song for the 65th edition of the international contest.

The song Amnesia represents the voice of the artist’s latest moods and feelings. It is a very personal one, with an emotional message, that gives her strength and courage to overcome any obstacles or fears. It is a song about people, love, and will, and it points to all of those whose voices haven't been heard so far. The lyrics are deep and the text that ends the song summarizes its own purpose: to shout out loud „for every scream that was not heard”.

"The last year was a bit of a rollercoaster, filled with really good moments and some low points, also. In the end, what kept me going the most was that I had some really great projects. > somehow manages to give a voice to all repressed feelings and to the people whose voices haven't been heard, in a way that for me is incredibly pure. I would like to thank everyone who has been by my side all this time and has offered me all the support that I needed. Roxen is made up of pieces from each and everyone of you”, Roxen said.

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The video, directed by Bogdan Păun, focuses on Roxen and her feelings, portrayed by contemporary dance artists. The story of the clip is one of a single girl who struggles with her inner self and all of her fears. Although she is constantly surrounded by them and they seem to have control over her, she manages to set herself free, she regains control and becomes increasingly stronger and more confident.

“In the clip, we tried to convey the message of the song as good as possible and also think very seriously that it is a personal one for Roxen. I am happy every time we have the chance to work together and especially that we’ve started working for Eurovision again. We really like the result and we hope you do too”, stated Bogdan Păun, director of Amnesia clip.

Roxen managed to become one of the top artists in Romania in just a little over a year, topping the Airplay charts with her first 2 singles – “Ce-ti canta dragostea” & “Spune-mi”, while also releasing successful collaborations with acts such as Sickotoy & DJ Project. Her debut track, “ You Don’t Love Me”, a collaboration with Sickotoy, managed to reach the top 10 in both Romania and Bulgaria, while also receiving significat airplay in countries such as France, Mexico, Spain and Turkey.

Roxen, „Amnesia”, and the video of the song. What comes next for the Romanian team? The show – concept, staging and lots of rehearsals, the last step before the departure to Rotterdam:

„The year 2020 has been such a difficult year for all of us and we  would like to forget about it, and to keep it locked in a deep corner of our mind. „Amnesia” is a powerful song with a strong message, and it is a perfect song for Roxen. We are strongly affected by these time, as much as we would like to hide it. I think the song has a huge potential and it is that kind of song you like or you do not  like, still you cannot forget it. We have ahead of us a very busy period with shootings for Romania's postcard and life on tap and also the meeting of the  heads of delegations and the preparing of the actual show". declares  Liana Stanciu, the Head of the Romanian delegation.

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Beyond the video which brings Romania's song closer to the Eurovision fans, there is also the story of the team which made it. Today, within the Romania 9 tv show, Roxane will reveal for the first time the story behind the story. The artist will be present on set during the programme which will start at 20.00 hrs (CET), on TVR 1 channel and TVR+.

This year Luminiţa Anghel, Andrei Tudor, Liana Stanciu, Lucian Ștefan, Bogdan Păun, Liviu Elekes, Bogdan Pavlică, Dan Manoliu and  Gabriel Scîrlet are the jury members who decided Romania's song for the Eurovision Song Contest 2021.

Foto: Bogdan Petrice