Eurovision 2018: The Humans are performing in Israel

The Humans, Romania’s representatives at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, will take off to Tel Aviv in order to promote the song “Goodbye” within the event „Israel Calling 2018”.

The third edition of the show in Israel dedicated to Eurovision Song Contest will be carried out in 4 days, in two different towns and will be full of surprises. The event initiated by the well-known television producer, Tali Eshkoli, will beneficiate of a huge promotion: all important moments will be broadcast in real time on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. There will also be organised press conferences both with local and foreign mass-media.

We are happy that we are invited at the promotion concert in Israel. We want our song, „Goodbye”, to become more and more famous and we also hope our message to get to as many people as possible. We wish to conquer the Europeans and to get votes from them in the Final from Lisbon”, have The Humans declared, on their departure to Tel Aviv. „We hope that with the occasion of this event we will have the chance to meet the Romanians living in Israel. Their support would be really important from us. We will sing from all our heart, so that our performance will be a memorable one. We are overwhelmed by a feeling of pride and responsibility because we represent Romania and we are anxious about it, but we hope that these emotions are constructive and will help us send our message and emotions. #IsraelSayHelloToGoodbye”, have declared our representatives at the Eurovision 2018.

Before the show, the artists have been invited to visit the towns Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Herzliya harbour. There will be a special moment in the day of the show when the participants will plant trees in the „Eurovision Forest”. The climax will take place in the evening of April 10th, in Tel Aviv, where the live concert will take place on the stage installed in Rabin Square.

Besides the concerts, the artists will have meetings both with the press and with the numerous Eurovision fans who will be present at this event.