Remarks on the disqualification of the song „Fix me” (Freia) from the National Selection

As a consequence of the situation generated by the violation of the Code of Rules of the National Selection by promoting the song  „Fix me” before September 1st 2017, the committee set up by the Eurovision Romania organisers, has decided the disqualification of the song from the contest.

It is a situation that we do regret; still this decision could not be avoided since all participants of the National Selection must have equal rights in this contest.

Please find below the declaration of artist Freia who explains the reasons why the song „Fix me” has violated the Eurovision Romania Code of Rules:

„ It is only a few days ago that I found out the song „Fix me “has been launched in China in May. After some further verifications I found out that the song had been already launched in China(Kanjian breaching a contract for promoting other songs from my repertoire on the territory of China)  and on Spotify in several countries (the song appears listed on Spotify, still it cannot be listened).

My manager has discussed these days with the partners from China, and they said they have initiated the process in taking out the song (and other songs from my album) from all online platforms. I hope this absurd situation will be solved soon, but I do perfectly understand the reasons why it is necessary for you to eliminate me, according to the Eurovision Romania Code of Rules. 

I regret the generated situation and the fact that I should have been more careful.       I did not know that the song ‘Fix me” has been launched without me or my team knowing and agreeing to this. This has been done abusively by the Chinese partners.

I would have never registered my song in this big competition, in which I wanted for so long to participate at, if I were aware of the fact that I am breaking the rules.

Thank you for your understanding,


Following the disqualification of the song  „Fix me”,  Tomher Cohen, with the song „Baby You’re The Only One“, will participate in the semi-finals.