The HUMANS band has won Eurovision Romania 2018

The public has decided who will represent Romania on the Lisbon stage. The HUMANS band has obtained the greatest number of votes from the Romanians in the show broadcast live on Sunday, February 25th on TVR 1, TVR HD, TVR International, TVR Moldova and online, on TVR+.

The song „Goodbye” has received 3277 votes from the public during the 60 minutes allocated to the tele-voting of the Eurovision National Selection. The song, composed by Alexandru Matei and Alin Neagoe, on the lyrics of Cristina Caramarcu, has been designated exclusively by the viewers to represent Romania at the Eurovision Song Contest. The second place has been won by Alexia & Matei with the song „Walking On Water”, which has obtained 3114 votes, followed by Feli, with the song „Bună de iubit”, which has registered 2862 votes.

It is a joy, certitude, now, with the occasion of the one year anniversary of this band. Thank you for the vote and for the trust”, have declared the members of The Humans band in the end, the final of the show. „We were lucky because we always kept faith in us and also because we have made a lot of beautiful things during this year”, have declared the winners of the Romania 2018 Eurovision National Selection.

 Eurovision Romania 2018 Final Top

1st place – The HUMANS („Goodbye”) – 3277 votes

2nd place – Alexia & Matei („Walking On Water”) – 3114 votes

3rd  place – Feli („Bună De Iubit”) – 2862 votes

4th place – Jukebox feat Bella Santiago („Auzi Cum Bate”) – 1728 votes

5th place – RAFAEL & Friends („We Are One”) – 1446 votes

6th place – Dora Gaitanovici („Fără Tine”) – 1415 votes

7th place – MIHAI („Heaven”) – 1165 votes

8th place – Claudia Andas („The One”) – 974 votes

9th place – Xandra („Try”) – 686 votes

10th place – Teodora Dinu („Fly”) – 336 votes

11th place – Echoes („Mirror”) – 325 votes

12th place – TIRI („Deşert De Sentimente”) – 320 votes

13th place – Erminio Sinni & Tiziana Camelin („All The Love Away”) – 303 votes

14th place – Eduard Santha („Me Som Romales”) – 293 votes

15th  place – VYROS („La La La”) – 133 votes

This year, the National Selection took place under the slogan „Eurovision unites Romania! “. For the first time in the history of Romania’s participation at Eurovision, the National Selection had 5 semi-finals organised in five cities, all of them united to choose our country’s representative on the background of the Centenary Year.

About the winners of the National Selection 2018

The HUMANS („Goodbye”)

The HUMANS („Goodbye”)

Every single member of the band The Humans loves the same mix of musical styles: funk-pop-rock: Adi Tetrade (drums), Alin Neagoe (bass), Alexandru Matei (keyboards), Alex Cismaru (guitar), Adrian Tănase (voice), Cristina Caramarcu (voice).

We believe in Humanity” –this is the motto that helps the band manifest their artistic moment. All the levels of human feelings, the high point of the values gathered from the life experience of the 6 musicians, the empathy exercise practiced during the time is what represents them, entirely. Their music is not a mechanical act of interpretation, but a share of emotions without any borders between them and the public. Music is not merely a reproduction, but an assumed act of creation.

The latest single launched by The Humans band, “Goodbye” – composed by Alin Neagoe, Cristina Caramarcu and Alexandru Matei – is the song which has brought the band the qualification in the semi-final of the contest Eurovision 2018.