The Humans, Teodora Dinu and Dora Gaitanovici are the winners of the last Eurovision Romania semi-final

On Sunday, February 18th, live on TVR 1, TVR HD, TVR International, TVR Moldova and TVR+, the Eurovision Romania jury have decided in Sighisoara the winners of the last show from the series of the semi-finals of the National Selection.

The Humans, Teodora Dinu and Dora Gaitanovici have won the first three places and will go on for the Big Final of the contest which will take place on February 25th, on the stahe of Polivalenta Hall, in Bucharest.

The ones who ill compete in the Big Final, together with the winners of the evening are: Feli, Alexia & Matei, Jukebox feat Bella Santiago, Echoes, Eduard Santha, MIHAI, RAFAEL & Friends, Erminio Sinni & Tiziana Camelin, Xandra, Vyros, Claudia Andas and TIRI.

We thank you from the bottom of our heart! We wanted so much to go to Lisbon and we hope to get votes from the ones at home.” have the members of the band The Humans declared, after the announcement of the jury. „You will have a surprise in the Bucharest final”, have the winners of the semi-final added.

I am so happy that the jury have appreciated the show and the song and that I have been qualified in the last stage of the National Selection. I am honestly telling you that I was very anxious all the time. I hope I will make a good impression in the Big Final”, has Teodora Dinu confessed.

I am very pleased I got in the Big Final. I am very happy and I do hope that I will not disappoint anyone on Sunday. I will try to create a show even more interesting than the one you have already seen tonight”, has Dora Gaitanovici promised.

The show took place in „Mihai Eminescu” Show Hall in Sighişoara, and the competitors have performed on the very stage where almost 9 decades ago, George Enescu had an unforgettable concert.

At the same time, this was the smallest stage a Eurovision Romania show has ever been organised. This is indeed a special element of the Sighişoara semi-final.

In a scenery loaded with history of the medieval fort have competed  SAVE („All We Need”), Tomher Cohen („Baby You’re The Only One”), Sergiu Bolota („Every Little Thing”), Dora Gaitanovici („Fără Tine- Without you”), Teodora Dinu („Fly”), The HUMANS („Goodbye”), Iliana („I Won’t Lie”), Evermorph („Live Your Life”), Alexandru Ungureanu („Sail With Me”), Manuel Chivari („Somebody To Love”), Maria Suciu („Sweet Nothing”) and Denisa Trofin („Tears”).

The top of the semi-final is the following:

The HUMANS („Goodbye”)   58 points

Teodora Dinu („Fly”)   50 points

Dora Gaitanovici („Fără Tine – Without you”)   42 points

Sergiu Bolota („Every Little Thing”)   28 points

Denisa Trofin („Tears”)  28 points

Iliana („I Won’t Lie”)   21 points

Manuel Chivari („Somebody To Love”)   20 points

Alexandru Ungureanu („Sail With Me”) 17 points

SAVE („All We Need”)   14 points

Evermorph („Live Your Life”) 9 points

Maria Suciu („Sweet Nothing”) 2 points

Tomher Cohen („Baby You’re The Only One”)   1 point

Photos from the semi-final of the National Selection in Sighişoara can be downloaded by accessing the link: http://bit.ly/2GpAZIn All the songs qualified within the Eurovision Romania semi-finals can be listened on the dedicated site, eurovision.tvr.ro.

Direcţia 5 has performed an extraordinary show for the Sighisoara semi-final.

Directia 5 band has interpreted, on the stage located in Fort Square, several hits known and loved by the public such as:  „Dacă ai şti- If only you knew”, „Povestea noastră – Our story”, „O fată ca ea – That kind of girl” „Şi ce dacă- So what” sau „Tot ce vrei – All you want”. Alina Crişan, a special guest of the performance, has performed with the famous band several songs which have written history in the Romanian music.

The Eurovision show from Sighisoara has been hosted by  Diana Dumitrescu and Cezar Ouatu, together with Simona Boantă, the one who got the warm impressions from the competitors from the Green Room.

The Big Final will take place in Bucharest, at Polivalenta Hall, on February 25th. In the last stage of the National Selection, the public is the only one who chooses, out of the 15 songs left in the contest, its representative on the Lisbon stage.

About the finalists:

The HUMANS („Goodbye”)

Every single member of the band The Humans loves the same mix of musical styles: funk-pop-rock: Adi Tetrade (drums), Alin Neagoe (bass), Alexandru Matei (keyboards), Alex Cismaru (guitar), Adrian Tănase (voice), Cristina Caramarcu (voice).

We believe in Humanity” –this is the motto that helps the band manifest their artistic moment. All the levels of human feelings, the high point of the values gathered from the life experience of the 6 musicians, the empathy exercise practiced during the time is what represents them, entirely. Their music is not a mechanical act of interpretation, but a share of emotions without any borders between them and the public. Music is not merely a reproduction, but an assumed act of creation.

The latest single launched by The Humans band, “Goodbye” – composed by Alin Neagoe, Cristina Caramarcu and Alexandru Matei – is the song which has brought the band the qualification in the semi-final of the contest Eurovision 2018.

Teodora Dinu („Fly”)

Teodora Dinu started singing since she was 5. She participated at more than 60 contests and national and international festivals, where he won awards every time. Teodora is not at her first experience at Eurovision Romania – în 2016, she was a backing vocal for Ovidiu Anton, who won the National Selection with the song „Moment of silence”.

The artists confesses that she is „an extremely friendly person, positive and perseverant and that she always carries a good joke in her pocket :))”

Dora Gaitanovici („Fără Tine – Without you”)

Dora Gaitanovici studies the piano, saxophone, and canto and has a passion for jazz, blues, and rock, classical and folk music. Being a pupil at the National Highschool “Bogdan Petriceicu Haşdeu” from Buzău, Dora intends to follow the courses of the Music University. She competes at Eurovision Romania with an own creation, called „Fără Tine – Without you”.