Eurovision 2019: Ester Peony, positive feedback to the second official rehearsal

Messages of support for the Romanian artists at the press conference held after the second rehearsal. Eurovision has its debut on Tuesday, May 14th, live on TVR 1, TVR HD and TVR International.

Ester Peony has surprised all the journalists and the organisers who were present on Friday at the Expo Tel Aviv,  this time getting on the Eurovision stage with a completely accessorized set of clothes and wearing on her hand a drawing which symbolises  the message of her song, the trademark of the project „On a Sunday”.


The Eurovision Romania team has decided not to reveal these details until the individual rehearsal; this change has been immediately noticed and appreciated both by the production team and by the accreditated press at the event as well.


" I have carefully watched the recording from the first rehearsal session, in order to improve my appearance on stage. Today, i got on stage in a complete set of clothes, including the accessories, just as I will do in the contest, on May 16th. I have added also the drawing on my hand and the accesories which bring the colour detail, creating this way an important contrast in order to highlight my character”, has the Romanian representative declared.


Ester and her team have had, on Friday, their second experience on the Expo Tel Aviv stage, after three days in which the producers of the event have put into practice the indications received following the first rehearsal..

The second session went smoothly for our  lartists and the first available images can be seen, in premiere, here:


Romania' s show is even better comparing to the first rehearsal, by respecting all the changes  requested by our delegation- lights adjustments and corrections regarding the shooting”, has Smaranda Vornicu-Shalit declared in the end of the technical meeting from the Viewing Room.

Ester has surpassed her first emotions and she is perfectly fitting within the atmosphere created by the director Petre Năstase. Our moment looks almost the way we want to and we are highly motivated before our last general rehearsal from May 15th, the one in which the  jury will give the points for the competitors.”, has the Head of our country' s delegation added.


Between the two official rehearsals, Ester Peony and the other artists who will accompany her on stage, have exercised each element of the coregraphy in a studio from Tel Aviv, in order to stay connected to the atmosphere of the show. On May 8th, the Memorial Day, when the Israeli people are commemorating their heroes, the artists have visited the town and have enjoyed the sun from the famous beach from the Mediterranean Sea. A new important day followed in the local calendar, which marks the Independence of the Israeli State, and the artists were offered the chance to relax in a sea cruise on the coast of the Tel Aviv city.

• The programme „Destination Tel Aviv” follows step by step the Romanian delegation, every day, starting from 19.55 hrs, on TVR 1. You have the chance to see all the preparations for the Eurovision, but also unique images with the artists in the scenery of the town from the Mediterranean Sea in „DestinationTel Aviv”, every day , on TVR 1, TVR HD and TVR International and online on TVR+, until May 18th.

•The semi-finals and the Eurovision Final, from May 14,16 and 18, will be broadcasted on TVR 1, TVR HD and TVR International.
Ester Peony, our representative within this year's edition, with the song  „On a Sunday”, will get on the Eurovision Song Contest stage on May 16th, in the second semi-final of the competition, having the entrance number in the contesst  6. In the second semi-final, together with our representative, we will see the following countries: Switzerland, Sweden, Ireland, Austria, the Republic of Moldova, Latvia, Denmark, Armenia, Albania, Azerbaidjan, Macedonia, Norway, Russia, The Netherlands, Croatia, Lithuania, Malta.

Foto: Thomas Hanses/ (rehearsal), Dana Tamari (backstage & press conference).

Echipa Eurovision România

Eurovision 2019 adresses special thanks for the organising of the show, to its partners: TAROM, the official transport partner of the  Romanian delegation at the Eurovision, DB Schenker Romania, Cotnari, Farmec and  Prăvălia Mofturi.